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Running Your Own Social Media

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

In the age of online shopping, info sharing, and ecommerce, a social media strategy is key to driving sales and interest in your products/services.

Here are some pointers for those of you who want to run your own social media!

Social Media is a tedious thing for most business owners. Most entreprenuers don't have a lot of free time to spend on the upkeep of social posting and interaction, yet know it is a valuable asset to maintain.

If you are on the pursuit of social presence, consistency is the most important. You want to have consistency in:

  1. Your "voice"

  2. Your brand & look

  3. Your posting frequency

Taking on social media will mean that you have to have a good understanding of how you want to communicate with your audience, and also to understand what they value most about your products and services. It can sometimes be hard to see your business from the perspective of a lead because you are "too close to it". But if you remind yourself that every post you make could be the first one someone is seeing, then you can create content with clear voice, brand and intention.

Standing Out

Social media used to be a lot easier for business owners to manage on their own. It used to be acceptable to just share content that aligned with your company. But now it takes more effort to really stand out in a flowing sea of content.

As Tyra Banks once said...

“The future is in photos for social media. More and more people are not reading.”

Imagery is a huge asset to have, and if you are really serious about taking it up a notch, taking those eye-catching images and brand stamping them seals the association to your products/services. Infographics are even better, because the content, imagery and voice are all coming directly from you as a source of information.

If you can download and work in Canva, you will be able to create personalized content. But if you do not have time to become a graphic designer, it's best to consider letting a social media expert do the job for you.

Social Reach

Did you know there is etiquette to posting? For example, some newbies think the more hashtags they use, the better results they will get. To some extent this is true, but did you know that too many hashtags can make you look desperate and spammy? The best practice is to use 1-5 very appropriate hashtags when posting on Facebook and Twitter. On the other side of the spectrum is Instagram, which maxes you out at 30 hashtags, and is a great place to load them up.

A great way to reach new leads on social media can be hashtags, but another way is by actually interacting with other pages AS your page. You can accomplish this by:

  • Commenting on relevant posts

  • Liking relevant posts

  • Following similar pages to yours

  • Following followers of similar pages to yours

All of these interactions are a great way to build up your community and visibility. For example, if you are commenting as your page on another relevant pages post you will show up for those who love to read through comments. If they like what you have to contribute to a topic, they may just follow you and start to interact with your brand!

Can't win the lottery without buying a ticket...

“Without competing, your competition will catch your fish. ”

The sooner you get started on social media, the sooner you start your growth journey in the competitive field of content.

Get started

Whether you have social media set up and running, or you haven't started your journey yet, we can help. If you'd like some basic pointers and social media help, we can customize a strategy for you to get it done. If you'd like support with advertisements, we can design, create audiences, and promote your brand and products. If you are looking for long term social media management, we also have the resources to help you make a mark in the digital world. Contact us today!

For business owners who need marketing support without hiring a marketing department check out our other services!

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